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RE.DIRECT embraces community-based learning and collaboration as core strategies for empowering individuals in the realm of digital marketing and online business development through its all-in-one software platform.
By leveraging the expertise of founders and coaches, and by bringing in guest speakers from various industries, RE.DIRECT provides a broad range of courses and educational resources, along with daily live coaching calls, within its growing entrepreneurial community.

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Join us in revolutionizing the way you showcase and sell your digital products! With RE.DIRECT, you gain access to a vibrant ecosystem where creators like you can connect with a diverse audience, boost visibility, and maximize your earnings.

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the best source is always others who have real experience working with us!

“The Redirect team has unmatched customer support. When I needed to migrate my operations and tens of thousands of customers to a new CRM, they assured my transition was frictionless. I run a multi-million dollar business that’s got a lot of moving parts, yet their premium individualized approach to onboarding and customer service made the transition absolutely seamless. The diverse functionality of the software truly benefits business owners in every industry, but that’s not even my favorite part. It’s the intentional and individualized care that they provide to each customer. Redirect has the operational support and software functionality of a large enterprise business with the heart of a small business. If I had to do it all over again, I’d choose Redirect every single time.”

Kayla J
Founder and CEO of Build Wealth Online

RE.DIRECT is giving creators like myself the opportunity to create courses and communities, with hands on support that previously was not possible at a price like this. The attention and support from the founders is unmatched! To have one place to create + host your digital products, learn, and get support, build & grow is just amazing. Not to mention the opportunity for multi-gen commissions… an incredible business model

Colleen Estrella
Estrella Films

“I am incredibly pleased with my decision to migrate my entire course and business to RE.DIRECT’S platform. This platform seamlessly combines the stylish class of Kajabi with a user-friendly system akin SKOOL platform. What sets it apart is the convenience of hosting my course, community, and affiliate program all in one place, streamlining operations for my daily business activities. The customer service team is exceptional and has played a crucial role in scaling my business rapidly. If you are seeking a comprehensive solution for your course, community, or affiliate program, RE.DIRECT is the place to be.”

– Raine
Digital Starter Co.

“I operate a Regenerative Medical clinic and am now running my entire business on the RE.DIRECT platform. It’s saved me over $1000 in monthly software costs by having an all-in-one solution. My phone, texting, email, websites and funnels, crm, and marketing automations all communicate easily with each other now from one login, and having access to a mobile app to communicate with patients and clients from anywhere is a game changer! Every small business needs this software.”

– Jason 
Online Business Solutions

“We have been looking for an all in one platform to host all of our automations, membership, invoices and more! In May 2024, we finally found Redirect and it has been an absolute game changer in my business.  We now successfully run our membership and website services through redirect and couldn’t be happier. Our membership truly runs on autopilot and our seamless connection with our clients is unmatched! We are so appreciative of the owners and this platform for keeping our business together!

– Katie
The Hive Academy

“Re.Direct Got It Right!!! Very few times in life can you truly look at something and say it is exactly what I was looking for and is an answered prayer. Well Re.Direct is just that. This software has and continues to provide an exceptional service that meets/exceeds all my business needs. Those of you looking to have a software that truly works for you, you are in the right place. Re.Direct is like having a full team working for you quietly in the background. I have been able to save my business hundreds in subscriptions alone. From Automations to workflows, Re.Direct is there to help take your business to the next level.

– Ryan Simmons
Online Income Couple